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Sennheiser releases Sound Academy training details

The next Sennheiser Sound Academy course will focus on the fundamentals of wireless microphones and monitoring.

Sennheiser has announced the next Sound Academy course, which will focus on the fundamentals of wireless microphones and monitoring. An advanced course will be launched later in the year, details of which will be announced soon.

Intended for sound engineers, sound designers, students and anyone else working in the audio industry, the course is for new and existing users of wireless microphones and in-ear monitor systems looking to broaden their understanding of this area.

The course will take place on 13 February, consisting of four workshops covering several areas. As the course is accredited by Infocomm, all successful participants will earn 10 RU credits towards the renewal of their Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) licence.

Antenna technology will focus on “characteristics of various antennas with respect to rage transmission security, as well as how to handle antenna cables crossovers and boosters correctly. “

Microphone technology will cover how to “select and position microphones correctly, and to ensure the optimum gain of the collective radio links.”

Frequency management will teach attendees “to set up multichannel systems with secure frequency management, and to become familiar with the interferences that occur when incorrect frequencies are selected.”

Wireless monitoring will include instructions on how to “secure operation of wireless monitoring systems; frequency selection in conjunction with radio microphones.”