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Lively start to ‘Surviving to Thriving’ coaching course

Sound designer and engineer Nathan Lively reports that his first coaching programme for sound engineers, From Surviving to Thriving, has launched with “six highly-motivated professionals”.

“I’m expecting great things from this group,” writes Lively, a US-based engineer of 13 years and a blogger/podcaster of three years at Sound Design Live.

His course aims to combine the “best training content on career advice, job search, technical training, creative expression, self promotion, health, and nutrition with valuable industry knowledge, in a twelve-week business coaching programme designed to help sound engineers, sound designers, and AV technicians reach new levels of fun and cashflow in their careers”.

Participant Daniel Myers says: “From Surviving to Thriving has taken me through the process of crafting and clarifying a compelling vision. This has and will continue to help me in determining which professional goals are worth pursuing.”

“The coaching programme From Surviving To Thriving is having a very positive outcome on my career and personal life,” agrees Martim Cunha Rego in Portugal. “Since I started the programme, I have organised a schedule for my week, and have been working on clarifying my niche, and what I should be working on. Nathan is a very competent professional, with lots of experience and excellent advice on how to tackle all sorts of challenges. He is highly motivating and is concerned not only in your success as an audio professional, but also in your happiness as a human being.”

Lively says he’s already “hard at work” on his next venture, Seeing Sound – Sound System Tuning for the Modern Sound Engineer. This is a six-week group coaching programme to help audio professionals apply modern system optimisation techniques to their specific projects. “A lot of people come to me with questions after reading my site and Bob McCarthy’s book [Sound Systems: Design and Optimization],” says Lively. “They are excited about the concepts, but have trouble getting started. This programme will empower sound engineers to see sound solutions by testing assumptions and training their ears.”

Lively is planning a webinar to introduce the course in the week starting 8 September, and a special report with Bob McCarthy called ‘Sound System Design for Small Rooms’ that will publish the week beginning 25 August.