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JAMES Training Survey: The results are in!

The survey was created by JAMES executive director David Ward to identify training needs across all sectors of the pro-audio industry

The results are in from the first ever joint PSNTraining/JAMES Training Survey!

The survey, which ran online from September until early October, was created by JAMES (Joint Audio Media Education Support) executive director David Ward in order to identify training needs across all sectors of the pro-audio industry.

Here are a few of the findings.

Of the 33 respondents, 83% said they worked in the industry full-time, classifying themselves as live sound engineers (68%), studio engineer (45%), and/or simply as a “mixer” (57%).

We asked which possible ‘creative’-style course names most closely matched the needs of the respondents, to gauge where the gaps are in the training canon. The biggest demand was for ‘creative mixing’ (54%), followed by ‘mastering techniques’ (45%).

When it came to course names with a ‘technical’ theme, ‘the acoustics of spaces’ was desired by 63% of participants, then ‘choosing equipment’ (58%) and ‘acoustic design’ (54%)

The most popular needs under the ‘stagecraft’ banner were ‘electrical safety’ (76%), and ‘rigging and safety’ (71%).

Of ‘less technical’ style courses, 55% wanted Entrepreneurial skills, with 50% requesting Music Business.

Under ‘basic maintenance skills and integrated systems’ CPD (continuing professional development), 75% asked for ‘systems management’, 60% highlighted ‘integrating media for live sound’ and 55% ‘rigging’.

One-day courses were popular with 52% of respondents, though 35% don’t mind attending at weekends. But only half of participants are willing to stay overnight in a hotel to attend!

We can also reveal that the lucky winner of the £50 iTunes voucher is Tom Parnell, a senior audio supervisor in BBC Radio, based at MediaCityUK in Salford.

“I’m really glad that PSNEurope/JAMES is making efforts to track training needs/opportunities across our industry,” writes Tom. “It’s an area that can be neglected with increased outsourcing and production efficiencies.”

Thanks to all who took part in our survey. We’ll let you know what happens next…