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Editorial: Monday night, to the club…

Ibiza Town in the early spring. It’s rather like many other Mediterranean coastal resorts I would imagine: temperate but not hot; blustery, but not unpleasantly so; and decidedly sleepy. Looking around the place last Friday night, I’d suggest it’s only the expansive roadside hoardings, still advertising last year’s superstar DJ nights, that reveal the island’s summer identity as a Mecca for dance music and clubbers. With no one around then, that meant PSNEurope could have a play around with the Booom! PA system…

Myself and a couple of fellow editors had been invited by Pioneer to see the new GS-Wave dancefloor-stacks and associated fills/coverage at one of Ibiza’s newest clubs, Booom! This being the low-season, it was very easy for Pioneer’s Alex Barrand, co-designer of the speakers and advisor on the club set-up, to gain us entry into the venue. Is it impressive? That’s an understatement. Just to say, for brevity’s sake, it was a demonstration of the care and attention that one can put into a system, in order to give clubbers the optimum experience possible for hours on end. And that’s important, when they are paying 40 euros or so as entrance fee.

Monday night, to the club again: this time, the health club across the street from the office. My first ever spin cycle class. And of course, another sound system. This one, the opposite end of the scale to Booom!: a half-dozen corner speakers around the studio, pumping out the soundtrack to the most punishing of exercise sessions.

In summary: one extreme to the other in four days, but both situations where the audio installation is paramount. Though, given my experience, one system designed to give you pleasure, the other to ABSOLUTELY DESTROY YOU. See if you can guess which is which. (Clue: I’m going for a swim today.)

Dave Robinson, editor, PSNEurope