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EDITORIAL: I came here for a good argument

In our PSNLive report, published last month, a survey revealed a general concern among engineers over ticket prices. Indeed, moaning about secondary ticketing sites and ‘gigs selling out in 45 seconds’ is an evergreen pursuit in the wider media. It seems it’s just one of those things we’re going to have to live with for the time being.

Having bought last-minute tickets for Monty Python at the O2 from last week, I’m emotionally torn about the whole business. On the upside, we got hold of two 80 quid tickets – good seats, too – for £28 each. Before we started looking online by the slightest of chances, I never thought we would have had the opportunity of getting to see the show. But it was remarkably easy to find affordable tickets. And for the Friday night performance too. Impressive!

But – and here comes my inevitable gripe, and an obvious source of many an outcry by gig-goers – I was charged a £6 handling fee for the convenience of printing out the tickets myself. That on top of the £8.70 booking fee, plus £1.75 VAT.

But what can you do? Unless something had popped up on Gumtree, and I’d been exceptionally lucky to call the seller at the right time, I was never going to see Monty Python. (Sound by Rory Madden and Sonalyst, I was informed later.) So, until there are tighter controls on secondary ticketing – or some enormous shake-up of the whole ticketing business – we’ve just got to pays our money and takes our chances.

Anyway, I never wanted to be an editor, you know. I wanted to be… a lumberjack!

Dave Robinson, PSNEurope