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8 essential rules for bands on the road

Epic Proportions Tour's Peter Sotos shares his top tips for touring bands and their sound crews

Veteran artist manager Peter Sotos (pictured) is the owner and co-founder of Epic Proportions Tour, a music concert series which books national tours for unsigned bands and artists in the US. Here are his eight top tips for touring bands and their sound crews

1. Pack light
Let’s face it: you’re just going to wear the same two pairs of skinny jeans all tour long, so bring some of those laundry soap pods for quick and easy washes.

2. Network with other bands
You shouldn’t be booking shows on your own. Reach out to the bands in the town you are playing. Find some good-drawing bands and have them help put the show together for you. You should be doing the same for other small touring bands coming through your city.

3. Concede, concede
It’s not always necessary to be right all the time – keep the peace and the tour will go smoothly! This, of course, applies to your band members, but it also applies to club owners. It is important to remember that these club owners are your clients – try to keep them happy so you will have a good relationship with them and can come back.

4. Testing positive
Having a positive attitude in even the most dire of circumstances can really change the outcome – or at least the perceptions and minds of the crew.

5. Hustle
Be outgoing, energetic and fun, and you’ll attract more fans. More fans means more merch sales (and less meals consisting solely of stale instant noodles!).

6. Advertise
Don’t just show up to a gig without having promoted it. Get involved with the other bands playing the show and come up with a joint plan for promotion. Reach out to local media (magazines, newspapers, record shops, etc.).

7. Pros only
Your music/band/tour is your business, so treat it as such.

8. Have fun!
You’re basically getting paid to play music and have a holiday, so take a few days off to sightsee, relax and enjoy whatever city you’re in.