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Xfm highlights role of music producers

Beginning 28 February, London radio station Xfm is hosting a series of interviews with members of the Music Producers Guild to give listeners an insight into how producers help shape music.

London radio station Xfm is looking at the art of record production through a series of interviews with members of the Music Producers Guild (MPG). The series airs between 23:00 and 00:00 on John Kennedy’s X-Posure show. Entitled ‘Produced By’, the series will give listeners an insight into the role of the producer and how they have helped shape the music of the many artists they have worked with. ‘Produced By’ kicks off on Thursday, 28 February with an interview with MPG chairman – and Grammy and BRIT Award winning producer –Steve Levine (Culture Club, America, Beach Boys). The interviews continue with MPG Breakthrough Producer of the Year Award winner Charlie Andrews, Bruno Ellingham, Jake Gosling, and Paul Epworth (pictured) –voted the MPG’s Producer of the Year and BRIT Best Producer on two occasions and winner of this year’s Oscar for Best Original Music. Commenting on the series, John Kennedy said: “’I wanted to find out more about the role of the producer as so many musician guests refer to them in interview. What better way than to talk to the producers highlighted in the recent Music Producers Guild Awards?” In related news, the MPG, in conjunction with music licensing company PPL, is presenting a special panel on 4 March, 2013 to help music producers understand how PPL collection and payment works – and how to claim any royalties they are owed. Recently, the MPG has worked closely with PPL to launch the Eligible Studio Producers Form, a new mechanism designed to provide evidence of a studio producer’s performance at the time of recording. The MPG/PPL seminar will consist of a panel of experts who will give an overview of what PPL does and explain in detail how the new Eligible Studio Producers Form works, how to fill it in and how to claim royalties. The panel will consists of Camilla Waite, (PPL head of legal and business affairs), Penny White (PPL head of members services) and MPG‘s Tommy D (producer, artist, label owner, who has worked with artists such as Catatonia, Beyonce, Jay-Z and KT Tunstall). The event will take place at 19:00 on 4 March at the Hospital Club, 24 Endell Street, London WC2H 9HQ. As space will be limited, anyone wishing to attend should book in advance. Download the new Eligible Studio Producers