Waves recreates the sound of Abbey Road with EMI TG12345 plug-in

The plug-in, which recreates the sound of the iconic solid-state console, is now shipping
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Waves Audio and Abbey Road Studios have announced that Waves' EMI TG12345 plug-in, based on the legendary mixing console of the same name and which the company says "epitomised the sound evolution of the late '60s and early '70s", is now shipping.

The original TG12345 was EMI's first ever solid-state console and helped to shape classic recordings by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones. The new channel strip plug-in captures every feature of the celebrated console, including the input mic preamp, "down to every last detail of its harmonic distortion, hum and noise"; the bass and treble EQ bands from the mic cassette; the presence EQ band from the console's group/main section; the spreader; and the famous, distinctive limiter and compressor.

In addition to the console's original features, new elements have been added to make the plug-in more accommodating for modern mixing, including a high-pass filter on the compressor's sidechain, a drive control and a mix control in the dynamics section for easy parallel compression/limiting.

Watch mixing engineer Michael White demonstrate the features of the EMI TG12345 plug-in in the video below.





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