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UK forensic expert to star in ‘CSI New York’ AES panel

Bath-based forensic musicologist Joe Bennett will be one of the invited workshop panelists at the 135th International AES convention in New York this month.

Bath-based academic and forensic musicologist Joe Bennett (pictured) will be an invited workshop panelist at the 135th International AES Convention in New York this month. Bennett will be joining litigation attorney Cynthia Arato and forensic audio specialist Thomas Owen in a session chaired by music research professor (and Tonmeister-qualified music producer) Martha DeFrancisco. In a session entitled W14: The Timeline Never Lies: Audio Engineers Aiding Forensic Investigators in Cases of Suspected Music Piracy, the panel will be discussing the methods used by expert witnesses and courts in ascertaining the authenticity of a recording, and the combinations of musical and technical tests used to detect evidence of plagiarism. “I’m honoured to have been asked by Martha to appear as a panelist,” Bennett told PSNEurope. “Forensic musicology is actually a catch-all term for several techniques – some technical processes such as spectrogram work, nulling and waveform analysis, combined with some probability, historical research and traditional musicology or transcription.” As an expert witness forensic musicologist, Bennett advises music lawyers, publishers, artists and songwriters on matters of plagiarism and musical similarity. “Every case is different, and there’s always something new to learn, so it’s great to see AES acknowledging the importance of the field to audio professionals.” The panel will be held on Friday 18 October between 2pm and 3.30pm.

In related news, the AES has announced Berlin as the location for its 136th Convention, which will take place on 26-29 April, 2014.