Turkey’s Studio Marsandiz upgrades to Pro Tools HD 10

Upgrade to Pro Tools HD 10 facilitates Istanbul-based studios' goal of maintaining one of the most technically advanced recording and mixing facilities in Turkey, writes Erica Basnicki.
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Turkish recording facility Studio Marsandiz has installed an Avid Pro Tools HD 10 suite in its Istanbul facility. The upgrade facilitated its goal of maintaining one of the most technically advanced recording and mixing facilities in Turkey. “We need to follow the latest technology to give our customers the highest performance possible,” said studio coordinator Muge Arikan. “Also Pro Tools HD 10 gives you more than what you get from other versions, and I have to say we do not think that anything is better.” Marsandiz has been at the heart of the Turkish music industry for nearly 37 years and recently completed a BBC Persian recording with prominent Iranian vocalist Parisa Arsalani and renown Azerbaijani musician Alihan Samedov. Other recent projects include a recording of the Istanbul Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Salem Abdul Karem of the Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra. Marsandiz is built around SSL 4040 G+ and SSL 4048 G+ consoles, the latter being one of only two currently available in Turkey. Arikan said the upgrade to Pro Tools HD 10 has made for a marked improvement both the quality of their work, and work-flow: “We are able to mix multiple audio file formats and bit depths within the same session, which is great.” Arikan also noted that the main reason behind the upgrade was the support for 32-bit floating point file formats. Marsandiz studios will test-drive the new system recording a new album with singer Ajda Pekkan, the so-called “superstar” of Turkish pop music.



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