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The Namur of the game

With Adamson’s Metrix, the Namur Cultural Centre offers a high quality standard fixed audio kit for a broad range of events.

The Maison de la Culture de la Province de Namur is a cultural centre in the French-speaking south of Belgium – with an average of four events per week, the centre is a popular venue for concerts, theatre, dance, cinema and other events.

For the installation of the in-house sound reinforcement system, Benelux Adamson distributors Inytium won the tender to supply and install equipment for the 460-capacity, two-level main venue.

In the past, the Province de Namur’s ‘central dispatch service’ has supplied the audio system for the centre’s activities. Now, with a fixed installation, the centre can operate more independently from the province’s services. “In doing so, we can offer a standard technical rider and a pool of skilled in-house engineers – a trend that was initiated two years ago,” explains Bruno Spagna, audio engineer with the Maison de la Culture.

Since 2006, the former congress centre has been gradually acoustically adapted to become a concert and theatre venue. Spagna says the acoustics are still being upgraded.

“In view of the hall’s acoustic specifications, and the great variety of events, the choice for Adamson Metrix was quite obvious,” opines Ludovic Vandegoor, distribution director of Inytium. “The Metrix speakers are very discrete in terms of visibility, they are compact and yet very powerful, and their 5˚ vertical coverage pattern is exactly what the venue needs. We’ve dealt with part of the acoustical problem by adjusting the alignment of the arrays.”

The FOH system in the venue consists of a flown Adamson Metrix array on either side of the stage plus two MDC2 sub bass cabinets, powered by Lab C484 SP4000 and FP7000 amplifiers. The FOH mixer is a Yamaha LS 9/32.

“By using slightly more powerful amplifiers in combination with the Metrix’s 16 ohm impedance, we managed to hook more speakers to one amp, making the installation for the upper balconies less expensive,” continues Vandegoor. “Just recently, the centre bought two extra Metrix install speakers – they could be connected without problems thanks to the Lab.gruppen’s auto-adjusted output impedance.”

Eight Nexo PS 15, two LS1200 sub bass and four PS 10 speakers are being used as monitoring system, controlled by a Soundcraft JP4 desk. Spagna admits that the sound on the upper balconies was quite difficult to optimise – two additional Adamson Metrix were put in place last November, substantially improving the listening comfort “The general idea with the many external sound engineers that work on productions here is very positive about the configuration – the audio on the balconies will certainly add to the result,” concludes Spagna.