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Temple Of Tune invests in Nuage system

Post facility invests in Nuage system for main studio, with second system planned for the facility’s surround studio.

Temple of Tune, one of Belgium’s leading post-production studios, specialises in television, film, corporate promos and radio commercials.

There are four studios at the facility, which have been using Steinberg Nuendo for several years.

Owner Fredo Gevaert has invested in a Nuage system for its main studio and a second system is being planned for the facility’s surround studio.

Gevaert explains: “Nuendo is fantastic, it has so many applications and so many advantages compared to other DAWs. It is more flexible, faster, more user friendly and easier to work with multiple users. It delivers fantastic quality for a fair price.”

“However, there are so many possible key commands that it can be difficult to remember them all. So when Nuage arrived as a fabulous small surface that gives easy access to the huge amount of parameters in Nuendo 6, it brought all of the functionality immediately to our fingertips.”

“It’s been like switching from flying an aircraft with a mouse and keyboard to flying it from within a real cockpit,” Gevaert continues. “It’s amazing how deeply Nuage and Nuendo are integrated. Many very complex applications have now become manageable, it’s similar to mixing on a real console – but easier, faster and more flexible.”