Step inside Abbey Road Studios in Google's new virtual tour

Inside Abbey Road offers the general public a look inside the world’s most recognisable studio
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While London's Abbey Road is home to one of the most famous recording studios (and zebra crossings) in the world, precious few have ever set foot inside its storied walls – something Abbey Road Studios is hoping to remedy with the launch of Inside Abbey Road, a new virtual tour of the studio complex developed in partnership with Google.

Described as “an interactive experience that lets fans around the world explore the legendary studios, hear its stories and play with some of its famous equipment right from their computer, tablet or phone”, Inside Abbey Road uses Google Maps technology to allow ‘visitors’ to explore studios one, two and three; sample their equipment (for example, the phaser and flanger in studio two and the four-track Studer J37 used to record Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band) and watch YouTube videos of Abbey Road sessions by artists including Oasis, Amy Winehouse and – yes – The Beatles and footage from opening of the studios by Edward Elgar and the London Symphony Orchestra in 1931.

“Abbey Road Studios has been a hive of creativity and source of world-class recordings for more than 80 years,” says Abbey Road producer Giles Martin, the son of Beatles collaborator Sir George. “The artists using the studios have sold countless millions of records and helped create popular culture as we know it today. It's an inspirational place and an honour for me to work there today.

“This collaboration with Google gives the outside world a great insight into the everyday workings of the studio and allows anyone to glimpse the magic that goes on inside the world's most famous recording studio."



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