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Steinberg offers software upgrades and ‘summer sale’

The software house has announced the latest release of its VST sampler and sound creation system, HALion 5, together with the workstation, HALion Sonic 2. The news comes amid Steinberg's ‘summer sale’, representing cheaper upgrade opportunities for certain users.

Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH has announced the latest release of its VST sampler and sound creation system, HALion 5, together with the premier VST workstation, HALion Sonic 2 (shown). Both new software iterations combine creative tools with ease of use and versatility that are “novel to the trade”, says the Hamburg-based developer.

The news comes amid Steinberg’s ‘summer sizzler’ which represents a major of some 40% off the upgrade price on certain Cubase products.

HALion is known for uniting high quality sampling technology with the latest virtual synthesis. Functional depth plus an advanced user interface with access to all sound-shaping parameters turn HALion into “an entire sound design package for discerning professionals”, says Steinberg.

“For more than a decade HALion has been considered a premium brand that transcends the typical possibilities of professional audio manipulation,” says Matthias Quellmann, product marketing manager at Steinberg. “The latest two releases keep with this tradition. HALion Sonic 2 provides a wealth of first-class sounds, while HALion 5 offers endless inspiration for creating own sounds.”

The special upgrade offer to Cubase 7 and Cubase Artist 7 and runs until the end of this month, August. Users of Cubase LE versions 4/5/6, Cubase AI versions 4/5/6, Cubase SX versions 1/2/3*, Cubase SL versions 1/2/3*, Cubase SE 3, Studio Case 2, Cubase Essential versions 4/5*, Cubase Elements versions 6/7* and Sequel versions 2/3 are eligible for this offer (where * refers to Cubase 7 only.) The 40% price reduction is available at official Steinberg resellers and through Steinberg’s website.

The latest Cubase iterations boast the new MixConsole with integrated EQ/dynamics channel strip modules, many instruments such as the acclaimed granular synthesizer, Padshop, and the groundbreaking Chord Track for creating beautiful chord harmonies.

“We are happy to provide our users of previous and entry-level Cubase versions the opportunity to upgrade to the most advanced and biggest feature sets that the Cubase range has ever offered, and this at a compelling price until the end of August,” said Carlos Mendoza Rohde, product marketing manager at Steinberg.

In other news, the company revealed that it was Steinberg and Cubase packages that were used for the playout of song material at the Eurovision Song Contest earlier this year in Malmö.