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NAMM 2019: Steinberg introduced new AXR4 audio interface

It is compatible with all audio editing, mastering and music production software, it is easily integrated with DAW and is DSP-based. The product combines the expertise of Steinberg, Yamaha and electronics engineer and entrepreneur Rupert Neve

As of NAMM 2019, Steinberg launched the AXR4 Thunderbolt 2 audio interface, with hybrid mic preamps developed by Yamaha, a 32-bit integrer resolution and a sample rate of up to 384 kHz.

The hybrid mic preamps and Rupert Neve Designs Silk processing – an emulation of of classic Neve input modules – enable effective tonal control, while SSPLL guarantees ultra-low jitter.

The AXR4 is compatible with all audio editing, mastering and music production software that supports the Core Audio standard, and is easily integrated with DAW, full control of settings available via the included dspMixFX AXR software. It also comes with a free copy of Cubase AI, a basic but well-featured version of Steinberg’s industry-leading DAW. The AXR4 delivers latency-free monitoring with DSP-powered effects through the onboard DSPX chip and latest dspMixFX technology, providing a fully integrated, DSP-based monitoring setup in any situation.

The dspMixFx AXR application allows for setup and control of the AXR4’s DSP mixer and DSP effects. A full 28×24 matrix mixer has been incorporated to satisfy professional-level monitoring and system-related requirements, for example routing inputs and DAW or the system audio to a mix bus. Five different windows give comprehensive control over all of the settings: the mixer, the matrix mixer, the meter, show/hide channels and settings.

Four combo inputs are equipped with hybrid mic preamps. As well as these inputs, the comprehensive range of 28 in, 24 out options include 8 TRS line inputs and 8 TRS line outputs, 2 x 8 channel ADAT/S/PDIF and a digital I/O card slot. Word clock, MIDI I/O ports and twin headphone sockets with independent volume controls are also provided.

The AXR4’s hybrid microphone preamps were developed by Yamaha as part of its “Natural Sound” philosophy, and are available for use on all front input channels. After extensive aural tests by both Yamaha experts and outside engineers, a new preamp design was born specifically for the AXR4.

The ARX4 is due to ship in the spring for Mac drivers, whilst it will be available for Windows users in the summer.