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SSL C300 gives good Vibe

Ghent-based audio post-production studio Vibe Productions have installed the Benelux's first SSL C300 HD Master console.

Vibe was launched in 2004 by former radio producer Tim Van Renterghem and started out as a voice-over studio for radio commercials and corporate audio. Vibe’s business rapidly evolved from multiple language voice-over assignments to advertising, including voice casting and commercials for leading brands like 3M, Colgate and Kellogg’s, writes Marc Maes.

“When I decided to add ‘sound for picture’ work one year ago, I had to upgrade the existing studio configuration, a Pro Tools 8 driven software studio,” explains Van Renterghem. “Also, with 70% of my clients abroad, with higher demands in terms of quality, software-based mixing, even with additional plug-ins, had no real signature sound – not like SSL consoles who really have a ‘personality’.”
 Van Renterghem, who describes himself as a ‘grown-up in the Pro Tools and Digital Audio Workstation world’ wanted to work behind a real mixing console instead of clicking on a computer. “I found out that a software studio makes you do things fundamentally wrong – instead of opening 15 submenus a console displays all possibilities within reach of hand,” he says.
 As more and more mixing for film and short film projects continued to be channelled to Vibe Productions, Van Renterghem decided to invest in a flexible audio console to deal with the growing amount of multiple audio assignments.
 “We had several demo-sessions with leading digital console brands, and either their integration with Pro Tools was too limited, or they were time-consuming to work with. When Joystick Audio suggested to try the SSL C300, I knew this was the console that would allow me to expand my activities and to continue Vibe’s growth,” Van Renterghem enthuses. “The console’s flexibility, integration with Pro Tools (which we will upgrade to the 9 version soon), the user-friendliness and multiple possibilities were essential to me.”

Logical investment

With major international TV production companies knocking at Vibe Productions’s door, Van Renterghem is convinced that the investment in the state-of-the-art mixing desk is quite logical. “Actually, without wanting to draw assignments away from my business colleagues, the fact that we now have an SSL C300 to work with may well attract new Belgian clients who want to get to know Vibe Productions,” he estimates.
 Van Renterghem is also enthusiastic about the service offered by the SSL/Joystick Audio tandem, “it’s like buying a Roll’s Royce,” he laughs. “With competitors taking as much as 10 days to return a price quotation, the SSL proposal came in the same day, clearly explaining all the options – the whole process, from the actual order to the delivery, was an example of smooth follow-up, and I’m very happy with the customer service rendered,” enthuses Van Renterghem, who, at the age of 28, is probably the world’s youngest SSL C300 owner.
 The SSL C300 HD Master studio system console at Vibe Productions was configured with 64 MADI in/out and 24 analogue in/outs – Van Renterghem says the console can be expanded up to 512 channels easily. “The Pro Tools system now serves as a multitrack recording device,” he adds.
 At Joystick Audio, product support engineer Mathijs Indesteege comments: “The SSL C300 will give Tim Van Renterghem the workflow to complete complex projects within tight deadlines, while always delivering the best sound quality possible: the famous SSL vibe.”