sE filter 'makes perfect sense' for TV music duo

The sE Reflexion Filter is part of the sonic arsenal wielded by UK-based 'Strictly Come Dancing' theme tune producers Dan McGrath and Josh Philips.
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The sE Reflexion Filter is part of the sonic arsenal wielded by UK-based Strictly Come Dancing theme tune producers Dan McGrath and Josh Philips. I’d Do Anything and Any Dream Will Do are among other recent credits for the duo, who have been involved in the music business for many years in various capacities. While McGrath’s previous credits include production of Chris Evans’ radio shows on Radio 1 and Virgin Radio, Philips has participated in bands including Big Country and currently plays keyboards with Procol Harum. Having landed the Strictly Come Dancing contract shortly after joining forces, the duo has since produced more than 140 TV themes. Both men use sE’s Reflexion Filter for a variety of projects, including a “Westlife-style” ballad for a recent Channel 4 show. “It’s one of those bits of kit you see around that makes perfect sense,” said McGrath. “We’ve sound-proofed our vocal booth as much as possible but it’s still fairly boomy. We could have spent a huge amount sorting it out but got the Reflexion Filter instead and it’s phenomenal. Just hold it up to your face without a mic and talk into it and you realise why.” Josh added: “I have one at home as well. I have just formed another band with Jim Cregan from Rod Stewart’s band and Cockney Rebel. He was pretty stunned by it – the difference when you put a pair of cans on, walk up to it and the room disappears is incredible. We also used it on some new Procol stuff for their new album that we’ve been demo-ing and it was fantastic, unbelievable… We were down at [Procol singer/pianist] Gary Brooker’s studio and he was amazed by it.”



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