Online mastering meets DAW in Cakewalk LANDR deal

The deal marks LANDR’s first full integration with a DAW
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Cakewalk Landr

Cakewalk has announced a partnership with the cloud-based audio post-production mastering platform LANDR. As a result, Sonar users will be able to export their mix directly to LANDR and master it at any point during the production process.

This marks LANDR’s first full integration with a DAW and gives Sonar users more options to finalise masters directly from the software.

“Mastering is a crucial part of music creation, so we’re always looking for ways to make the process simpler and more accessible. The goal with this partnership is not to replace manual mastering, but to complement it by providing engineers and producers with a new tool that allows them to hear instantly how their tracks will sound in a final state at any time during production. Ultimately, in addition to mastering final releases, Sonar users will now be able to use LANDR to reference their mixes early, often, and easily,” says LANDR CEO Pascal Pilon.

Sonar users will have access to LANDR via an “export to LANDR Master” option in the Sonar platform. Selecting this functionality will either open and export mixes directly into the LANDR app, or prompt a download of the app for first-time users. Once tracks are uploaded, LANDR will automatically begin the mastering process and will alert the user moments later once the free preview is ready. From there, users have the option to download their tracks in multiple formats.

“As the first DAW to integrate LANDR’s online mastering technology, Sonar’s one-click export integration makes it easy for users to master their mixes, quickly and easily,” says Cakewalk CTO Noel Borthwick.

“LANDR uses Machine Learning algorithms to generate a master customised for specific musical styles, and because the software is self-learning, the results become more refined as more people use the service. Sonar’s seamless integration with LANDR also opens up a new workflow that allows simultaneous mixing and mastering, enabling creation of master-friendly mixes. And thanks to Cakewalk’s agile ’rolling updates’ mechanism, we can now bring new technology to our users faster than ever, allowing customers to put it to work today.”



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