New studio to open in Oxfordshire

A brand new state-of-the-art studio facility is being built close to the cosy village of Wantage in Oxfordshire
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The extensive project is being pioneered by renowned producer David Tickle, who has worked extensively with the likes of Prince, U2, Peter Gabriel, and Split Enz. The facility will comprise two studios; both are converted coach houses, the largest of which recently housed a squash court and was about to be knocked down, until Tickle gained access and realised he’d stumbled across the perfect home for Studio One. “We were looking at the adjacent building, but it just wasn’t do-able in there as it isn’t the right size and it’s a protected building,” he explains. “But the minute I got inside the old squash court I realised ‘this is it’; it’s the perfect room for what we’ve got in mind.” Although the deal was done about a year ago, delays in the project meant building work only got underway in the last few weeks, and work hasn’t yet begun on the main studio building. Studio Two (pictured), however, is well on the way to completion; and isn’t a modest facility by any stretch of the imagination. In its newly built control room sits an SSL AWS 900 24-channel console, a plethora of outboard – vintage stuff right up to modern day state-of-the-art kit; and a huge pair of Westlake BBSM-15 monitors, each weighing a staggering 450lbs! It also houses a purpose built ‘floated’ live room (a ‘room within a room’) featuring a newly laid wooden floor and a good sized vocal booth. It is also in the process of being finely tuned using some top acoustic treatments. The studio doors, for example, are timber framed, but feature four layers of sound board, then 100mm of high-density rockwall, then a layer of plastic which has the same density as lead – and they’re huge! Studio One, although currently just a huge open space covered in rubble, has enormous potential; and Tickle is confident that it will become a world-class facility. It will certainly benefit from its very high ceilings, and Tickle plans on extending out the back to accommodate a drum room, as well as installing a mezzanine level, which is where the control room will be located – very Abbey Road! “We’re still trying to decide which console to put in there,” Tickle explains. “But having the control room up there will further utilise the space. As well as accommodating full live band recordings, we’ll be able to fit in 16-piece orchestras without a problem.”



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