Neve introduces new summing mixer at Messe

After a long campaign inviting social media users to guess “Rupert’s Mystery,” Rupert Neve Designs reveals the new mystery product; the 5059 Satellite summing mixer.
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At the 2012 MusikMesse show in Frankfurt, Rupert Neve Designs has introduced the 5059 16x2+2 Satellite summing mixer, featuring 16 channels with individual level, pan, inserts, stereo-2 sends, and master texture controls. Many of the class-A topologies and transformers in the 5059 are the same as made famous in the 5088 mixer, and have been fine-tuned to virtually eliminate cross-over distortion. Like the Portico series modules, the 5099 features continuously variable Texture controls with Silk and Silk+ modes allowing engineers to fine-tune the harmonic ratio and tonality of each stereo send of the 5059. Silk mode accentuates the transformer saturation in the high frequencies to add more brightness to the sound, and the Silk+ mode accentuates the saturation of the low frequencies to add thickness and density to any source. Unlike EQ, the texture control saturates the output transformers, and adds musical harmonics to the source material according to the amount of texture applied. Channel inserts are provided in the 5059 to streamline interconnections with analogue outboard equipment and to allow for further expansions of the 5059’s capabilities. By connecting a second 5059 to the insert outputs of a 5059, the dual stereo outputs can be used as a way to add four auxes to each of the 16 channels.



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