Neumann reissues legendary U 47 fet mic

Production has been resumed according to the original documents and schematics for new Collectors' Edition
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Neumann has released a new 'Collectors' Edition' of its classic '70s studio mic, the U 47 fet.

The U 47 fet, the transistorised successor of the U 47, permitted the processing of very high sound pressure levels and could, for example, be positioned directly in front of loud amps. An icon of the 1970s and '80s, the mic ontributed to many highly successful recordings, including records by AC/DC, Kate Bush, Bruce Springsteen, REM, Dire Straits and Metallica.

For the new Collectors' Edition, production has been resumed according to the original documents and schematics. A high-quality wooden case with special packaging is also supplied, along with an individual certificate with the serial number of the microphone.

“Today, many new musical currents are defining themselves through the possibilities of digital production technology," says Wolfgang Fraissinet, president of Neumann Berlin. "The relaunch of the U 47 fet now provides the opportunity of using epoch-making technologies from different decades side by side.


"Vintage sound meets the modern world – providing ideal conditions for the realisation of new creative soundscapes.”


Neumann begins U 87 anniversary campaign

GERMANY: Ahead of the launch of the U87 Anniversary Set, manufacturer Neumann has launched the 'U 87 and You' campaign in acknowledgement of the studio microphone's 40th year in production. The effort includes a competition that will find one lucky winner travelling to Neumann Berlin to receive an insight into "the secrets of development and manufacture" of the U 87 and other celebrated Neumann microphones, reports PSN-e.