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NAMM 2015: Fluid Audio to launch FPX studio monitors

See the FPX7 in hall E, booth 1171

Building upon its well-received Fader Series of studio monitors, Fluid Audio will unveil its newest monitor line, FPX (Fader Pro Coax), at the Winter NAMM Show, beginning with the FPX7.

Featuring optimised class AB-amplifiers, shorting-ring magnet woofers and ribbon tweeters, Fluid, distributed in the UK by Hand in Hand Distribution, describes the FPX7 as offering “a truer, more accurate monitoring experience”. The FPX Series will include two models: the FPX7 DSP, and a “more feature-rich version” to follow later, both with a 7” woofer and AMT ribbon tweeter.

“Ribbon tweeters have certainly been used in studio monitors before – it’s a perfect use for them, actually – however, I’ve never been that impressed by previous executions of the idea,” comments Fluid Audio founder Kevin Zuccaro. “I’ve always felt I could do a ribbon monitor that sort of set the standard for ribbon monitors, and I believe this coax idea does that. You get the lightning-fast response of the ribbon and the point-source goodness of being coaxial.

“As a recording musician myself, I was always a little frustrated with the way a lot monitors would ‘hi-fi-ise’ my live recordings. I would record something live in a room, but played back through the monitors, it already sounded kind of slow and dull. With our new AMT ribbon tweeter, you get that immediate, live sound that you recorded. That, coupled with the low distortion woofer and great off axis response of the FPX7, [gives you] a clear, honest view into your mixes.”

The FPX Series will launch in March. See the FPX7 at booth 1171 in hall E.