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NAMM 2014: QSC presents TouchMix

QSC Audio announced the release of the TouchMix Series compact digital mixers at NAMM 2014.

QSC Audio announced the release of the TouchMix Series compact digital mixers, including the TouchMix-8 (12 input channels) and TouchMix-16 (20 input channels) at NAMM 2014. Featuring a touch screen display, the new units are completely self-contained and do not require connection to an external computer or display. With its 4-band, fully parametric EQ with both variable hi-and lo-pass filters, as well as comprehensive dynamics processing on each input channel, the new range offers the functionality of a full size mixer in a compact, digital unit.

The TouchMix-8 carries four auxiliary output channels and the TouchMix-16 has ten, allowing for sufficient stage monitoring and mixing capabilities Both models are also able to drive multiple, wired stereo in-ear monitors directly.
On both models, comprehensive dynamics, graphic EQ, hi- pass, lo-pass and notch filters and delay are available on both the main and aux outputs and there are 8 DCA groups with mutes as well as 8 mute groups. The new QSC mixers have a library of channel pre-sets installed, designed by utelising all types of instruments as well as popular microphones and pickups. Several features make the units incredibly user friendly, such as the effects wizard, that guides the user through the assignment of effects and the gain wizard that monitors and displays input clipping.