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NAMM 2014: Audionamix releases ADX TRAX

Audionamix will showcase its new ADX TRAX audio separation software at NAMM 2014.

Audionamix, the French technology company that replicates ‘the cocktail party effect’ within its software, showcased the new ADX TRAX audio separation software at NAMM. ADX TRAX can separate full audio mixes into two individual audio files, one containing the vocal track and the other containing the accompanying music track. The user-friendly software features editing tools that will be familiar to all DAW users. It is compatible with multiple file formats and is able to separate audio on mono and stereo recordings.

“ADX TRAX puts a piece of our innovative, melodic source separation technology into the hands of the professional music community,” says Rick Silva, VP of production and product manager at Audionamix. Silva continues: “We’ve designed TRAX to be a user friendly tool for speeding up the labor-intensive task of creating vocal isolations and instrumental tracks. By utilizing the power of cloud computing, the process is now automated for quick, high-quality results.” The software is client and cloud based, designed to be used on MAC OS 10.6 or later.