Munro builds new studio for Barrie Gledden

Barrie Gledden, composer-producer for Audio Network, has a new Munro Acoustics-built studio facility located in a former hayloft.
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The composer-producer for Audio Network has a new Munro Acoustics-built studio facility located in a former hayloft.

Munro Acoustics dealt with all the requirements according to building regulations as well as designing the acoustic treatment to ensure suitable insulation and optimising the room for listening. The company also added air conditioning and designed the look of the room, building the booth in modular form and constructing it on site.

“I need to be at the top of my game when composing music for Audio Network – everything needs to be very high quality,” said Gledden. “This studio allows me to push my tracking, mixing and production techniques to new heights; it’s like an audio operating theatre!”

Beginning his career as a guitarist and theatre music specialist, Gledden went on to joint alt-rock band Old Man Stone, with whom he co-wrote and recorded three albums. He is currently co-ordinating the writing and production of 200 tracks for the production music publisher Audio Network, of which Barrie is a composer-producer and shareholder.



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