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London music college installs largest RedNet system to date

The London College of Music, part of the University of West London since 1991, has installed the world’s largest Focusrite RedNet network to date, featuring 42 individual RedNet units.

The project was undertaken as part of an ongoing plan of building and refurbishment, which has seen LCM moving away from all-Avid systems (principally Pro Tools) and examining other audio transport options. Evaluating what the marketplace had to offer, technical manager Richard Liggins chose RedNet, Focusrite’s range of Dante-based audio over IP networking interfaces.

“I was very, very impressed by how it sounded,” adds LCM senior lecturer Andrew Bourbon. “Having heard a bunch of competitors, for me it offered a more detailed presentation that still retained musicality. I think RedNet strikes an excellent balance.”

“They have a very definite image quality to them; they have depth of field and detail; they handle bass really well; they show a definite improvement in things like stereo imaging, certainly; and when you run them through our Audient or Neve desks, they have a quality to them that is very pleasing. It’s very musical, and there’s a transparency to it that means you can get the best out of the recordings that you’re making.”

RedNet is already changing how the college performs, says the staff. “People are coming to us everyday with new ideas as to how to utilise RedNet’s capabilities,” reports LIggins. “Everything from multi-room recording to remote performance, distributed speaker networks and multichannel diffusion systems has been proposed! I love the fact that every day somebody comes up with another way of making use of it.”

“We have students who come in, and they want to track into their own computer,” Bourbon explains. “We had an example: a group of students going into a studio – they’ve got a copy of Dante Virtual Soundcard, and they were able to go direct from that quality recording room into their own laptop. It’s just preparing them for another part of industry that they’re going to get used to.”

Watch the video of the UWL installation below: