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Paul Leonard-Morgan is “keeping the plug-in industry in business” with Battlefield Hardline OST

The award-winning film composer discusses his soundtrack for first-person shooter Battlefield Hardline

The Battlefield game project was created over a year, using a combination of Digital Performer and Pro Tools. “I sync three farm computers to my main Mac with Vienna Pro Ensemble,” explains Leonard-Morgan. “I use tons of plug-ins, in particular Delta Fuzz in Digital Performer, SoundToys and all the Waves plug-ins. The real instruments are recorded into MOTU 2408’s, MOTU Hybrid 828 and Avid Omni.” (Read part one of this two-part feature here.)

“The great thing about a score taking over a year to do is that I get to really experiment with sounds,” he continues. “I knew I needed an awesome drummer for the game, so I approached Josh Freese. We used a great-sounding studio in LA called The Fortress. It’s a huge room which, combined with Josh’s stupendous playing, sounds epic. We’ve done various sessions throughout the year. I would take his drums from one session, chop them up and use them as guide for the next five or six tracks, then re-record him for these tracks at the next sessions. Josh is just a beast on the kit – so tight and inspirational.”

Leonard-Morgan laid down guitar and bass tracks, but also turned to Ross Hamilton and Aaron Steinberg. “They’ve both done great stuff, “ says the composer. “Some really interesting sounds. I’ve worked with them for years – they did guitars and bass on Dredd and Limitless.”

Deliverables for the game were 24-bit/48kHz BWAVs and stems. “I’ve also been delivering the Pro Tools session, so the guys at EA and my mixer all have to use the same plug-ins to make the session work smoothly,” says Leonard-Morgan. “I sometimes feel we’re keeping the plug-in industry in business between us – one of us will start using a new one, and then all of us will have to buy it!”