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LaCie partners with Pro Sound Effects

LaCie joins forces with Pro Sound Effects to deliver the ultimate professional digital media production experience
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Storage solution specialist LaCie has teamed up with leading sound effects provider Pro Sound Effects in a bid to deliver a premium digital media production experience incorporating top quality sound effects libraries and search software on industry-leading hard drives. The BBC Sound Effects Library is renowned as one of the best in the world; and until now, it’s only been available on CD, making importing a tricky business for media producers. This new partnership however, combines database sound files with hard drive search software and technology to ensure industry professionals across the board have a far-reaching and straightforward sound design solution.

“For professionals dealing with A/V production, having a streamlined workflow is critical,” explains Laurent Hemmerle, LaCie’s vice president of sales for eastern USA. “Working with Pro Sound Effects, we were able to make the transition from a one dimensional distribution platform to a digital solution, offering a stronger and faster application.”

The new partnership conveys five BBC sound libraries onto the LaCie’s d2 Quadra and Rikiki storage solutions. The largest of the libraries, created by Pro Sound Effects, includes an additional 30,000 commercial sound effects that were previously unavailable. The entire library (32,400 sounds) can be purchased on LaCie’s d2 Quadra; and the smaller sound collections can be purchased on LaCie’s pocket-sized Rikiki. 
 “To distribute these sound effects libraries, we needed a versatile and reliable hard drive partner,” explains Douglas Price, president of Pro Sound Effects. “We chose to partner with LaCie because of their reputation for offering professional full-featured and reliable storage solutions, as well as industry-leading customer service; a benefit we always extend to our customers.” www.lacie.comwww.prosoundeffects.com



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