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IBC2013: Schoeps unveils new V4 U studio microphone

Schoeps’ new V4 U studio microphone was finally unveiled at IBC2013, after teasing fans on Facebook with semi-obscured photos during the month of September.

German microphone manufacturer Schoeps introduced the V4 U at IBC2013 in Amsterdam, having teased Facebook fans with semi-obscured photos of the new microphone during the month of September. The look of the V4 U is based on the company’s CM 51/3 microphone, released in 1951, but the capsule, circuitry and mechanical construction are the result of extensive new development. According to Schoeps, through the use of a special 33mm beveled collar, the microphone capsule gains certain large diaphragm-like behaviours without losing the technical advantages of its small diaphragm construction. The V4 U features an even frequency response up to 20kHz, and an “optimally flat” diffuse field curve. The electronics are capable of a maximum of 144 dB SPL, with a 4.8 V maximum output voltage as well as “particularly good output impedance and symmetry values”, achieved via a newly-designed bridge output stage. The V4 U is the first new product from Schoeps since it introduced the CMIT 5U shotgun microphone in 2006, followed by the SuperCMIT version (with built-in DSP) in 2010. The V4 U is to be available from December 2013. Its price will be €2,050 (£1,715) including a shock mount or stand clamp and a wooden case.