Further aid for flooded Melrose Yard Studios

Repairs are underway at the York-based studio facing over £20,000 in flood damage.
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Repairs are underway at flooded Melrose Yard Studios

The UK's warmest and wettest December in over a century has left most of northern England under water, including York-based recording facility Melrose Yard Studios.

As previously reported, the studio faces over £20,000 in damages to its facilities and water-logged equipment. Unfortunately, a clause in its insurance policy disqualifies the business from receiving any reimbursement from its insurance provider.

A GoFundMe campaign has so far raised over £4,000 to help cover the cost of having the studio professionally cleaned and dehumidified, as well as replacing damaged equipment.

Studio owner Sam Holdstock provided PSNEurope with the following update:

"In the last week we have had to rip out all of the carpets, chipboard subfloors, insulation and joists, and today we have made a start on chopping the walls back to the breeze blocks up to a metre high. Due to the complex construction of the soundproofing there are several layers to remove including, chipboard, plasterboard, carpet, insulation and stud work so it's a very time consuming process. We hope to remove all the contaminated materials by next week so that the studios can dry out prior to the re-build.

We have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from friends, family, customers, volunteers and church groups who have provided all sorts from free labour to food and cleaning supplies. We have also received over £4,000 in donations to a crowdfunder setup by my sister-in-law, which will go a long way to getting us back up and running. We're hoping to re-open in about a month but it's difficult to call at this point."

Photo: Melrose Yard Studios




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