Aviom licenses Audinate’s Dante technology

Audinate’s networking solution allows Aviom to simplify the connection of its personal mixers to digital consoles that offer Dante connectivity.
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Aviom has licensed Audinate’s Dante digital audio networking technology for use in its line of personal mixing products. The networking solution allows the company to simplify the connection of its personal mixers to digital consoles that offer Dante connectivity. “Audinate’s Dante has become a standard in digital audio networking for the pro-audio industry, and incorporating Dante connectivity into our personal mixing system makes it possible for our personal mixers to be connected directly to many of the best digital consoles on the market,” explained Aviom president and CEO, Carl Bader. “By incorporating Dante, we have both simplified the setup of systems with the new A360 Personal Mixer and added versatility for the user.” Aviom’s new D800-Dante A-Net Distributor (pictured), which will start shipping later this year, connects Aviom Personal Mixers directly to an existing Dante audio network, making up to 64 channels available from a console so that each performer with an A360 can select a unique combination of mix channels from the network. Using Network Mix Back, the stereo mix from each A360 can also be routed back into the Dante network for distribution to wireless in-ear systems or monitoring by an engineer. “Aviom is known as one of the leaders in personal monitor mixing systems worldwide,” said Lee Ellison, Audinate’s CEO. “We are very happy that Aviom has added Dante connectivity to their product line. Aviom’s personal mixing systems can now be directly networked with Dante to hundreds of products by a wide variety of manufacturers.” www.aviom.comwww.audinate.com



Audinate shipping Ultimo Dante interface

Launched in February 2013, Ultimo is a Dante interface for networked audio products, integrated into a single 13 x 13mm chip, which can extend the benefits of Dante networking to a whole new range of audio devices.