Audio Test Kitchen are Cooking Up Something Good

LA based Audio Test Kitchen is launching an online audio product sound-comparison showroom, having partnered with 50 microphone manufacturers, including Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Blue, Sony and Shure
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Audio Test Kitchen has announced its launch of an online audio product sound-comparison showroom, with controlled variables so that the only difference in sound heard is of the gear itself.

For its first product category, Audio Test Kitchen has partnered with 50 microphone manufacturers, including Neumann, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Blue, Sony, and Shure, to gather 225 large diaphragm condenser microphones at EastWest Studios in LA, where Audio Test Kitchen’s process will begin. They have ensured every source on every song has remained constant for each microphone.

The Kitchen is set to create comparison libraries include audio interfaces, ribbon microphones, preamps, hardware and software compressors, and musical instrument categories, each with its own individual comparison criteria and tailored Audio Test Kitchen methodology.

“We make it easier for manufacturers to tell their story and get discovered and provide an innovative new sales tool and lead generator for retailers,” said cofounder Alex Oana. A producer, engineer, product designer and former VP of Slate Media Technology, Oana and co-founder Ian Hlatky, a producer, musician and start-up attorney, spent two years developing the recording methodologies, platform features and software interface.

“Audio Test Kitchen is more than just hear-before-you-buy,” Oana expressed. “It’s a learning and exploration tool for students of all levels and a classroom resource. I love this industry so much, we wanted to create a win-win for everyone.”

Audio Test Kitchen uses standardised, unbiased, cross-comparable, in-use recordings of the actual hardware and software. Additionally, users can discover which real-world recordings were produced with each product, down to the track, with integrated Spotify links.

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David Mathew, Audio Precision, PSNTraining

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