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Audient’s “British sound” comes to Fribourg

Paul Farkas’s Nice Hill Sound Studio purchases an ASP8024, courtesy of ACR Pro.

As part of a major refurbishment programme, a 36-channel Audient ASP8024 recording console has been installed at Nice Hill Sound Studio, part of the Farkas School of Music in Fribourg, Switzerland.

“Life has certainly changed dramatically with the arrival of new ASP8024,” comments school owner Paul Farkas, a “stalwart fan” of Audient. “We really appreciate the clean, transparent sound and comprehensive feature set [which gives] us excellent value for money.”

Chief engineer André Schorderet is also a fan of the desk (pictured), which was supplied by Geneva-based ACR Pro. “I was working on the EQ and I realised: this is the British sound!” he explains. “The UK has a great heritage for consoles and Audient is definitely an integral part of this. Everyone wants to use a British console and have that sound.”

He adds: “This desk has the same efficiency and fast response as those I used at Studio Grande Armée [in Paris] in terms of EQ, sound and workflow,” and compares the ASP8024 favourably to buying a “vintage” desk.