Atomika blasts ahead with eMixing service

New service from engineer who has worked with Foo Fighters
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Belgium-based Atomika studios has announced the launch of an eMixing service via

Originally created six years ago as a home studio by Marc De Keyzer – known for his work with major labels like Universal, BMG and Sony music and artists like Metallica, Bon Jovi and Foo Fighters – Atomika occupies a 40sqm, subterranean space that now houses a high-end project studio.

The eMixing service, which represents the next phase in the studio’s development, is designed to give bands that would normally not be able to afford it, access to De Keyzer’s equipment and skills.

“While technology has made it possible for artists to record at home, working towards a good quality finished product can seem difficult,” he explained. “Can artists mix, do they have the right equipment and know-how to work on their tracks and make them iTunes, radio or CD-ready? Most of the time, no. While a lot of artists have a computer, an interface, a couple of microphones and a DAW, when it comes to creating a good mix and a master, they struggle. Blocked by lack of equipment and skills.”

De Keyzer continued: “Many of the bands that I have contact with rehearse, keep on rehearsing and sometimes record. But they need to get their music into the market and to treat it like a commercial product. For that the quality needs to be good and that’s what we’re providing.” offers an affordable process for bands to get access to quality mixes for their work; with prices starting at €90 for a song mix and €30 for song mastering. They will need to have a good quality finished product, and be able to send WAV tracks and a reference mix to Atomika. In return, they will receive a radio, iTunes and CD ready master within “a couple” of days.

A current launch project offers a free mix for one song and discounts on the mixing of an EP and an album.



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