AMS Neve links with educators to "inspire next generation"

McCartney inspires console boss to forge better links with institutions
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Seeking to inspire a raft of talented engineers and producers, Burnley-based console maker AMS Neve has established partnerships with five universities and institutions around the UK.

Around 2,000 students at dBs Music (Plymouth and Bristol), SSR (Manchester and London), LIPA (Liverpool), the University of Surrey and The London College of Music (West London University) will be given access to masterclasses from console AMS designers, special offers and competitions, and a chance to visit the AMS Neve factory.

The move has been welcomed by British record producer Steve Levine, former chairman of the Music Producers Guild. “I have my own 30-year relationship with AMS and it is very important that the manufacturers of our tools of the trade engage with the next generation of sound engineers and producers,” said Levine. “This will enable the students to benefit and enjoy the rapidly-changing technology and also to understand the history and legacy of recording.”

AMS founder Mark Crabtree (pictured top) first demonstrated a revolutionary tape phase simulator to one Paul McCartney some 40 years ago; the Beatle quickly became the nascent technology company’s first customer. (AMS Neve was formed when the company joined forces with Neve Electronics in 1992.)

Crabtree claims that McCartney’s vision of creating a centre for performing arts in his former school building was a factor in his decision to forge stronger links with educational institutions: “As a private, dedicated engineering company working in collaboration with the world’s best talent over many decades, we have played our part in countless legendary recordings on our equipment – designed and made in the UK. Taking my cue from Paul McCartney’s drive to found LIPA we now want to help the next generation of British proto-legends to break through to international success, with the help of the best audio tools possible.”



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