Amadeus redesigns Creative Sound’s acoustics

Amadeus also designed one of the first mixing studios to be fitted with Dolby Atmos, which hosts the world's first ultra large-format MPC5 digital film mixing console manufactured by Nashville-based Harrison.
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Paris-based Amadeus was commissioned to redesign the acoustics, sound isolation, noise and vibration control as well as acoustic treatments for each of the 10 studios at Creative Sound.

Amadeus also designed one of the first mixing studios to be fitted with Dolby Atmos, which hosts the first ultra-large-format MPC5 digital film mixing console manufactured by Nashville-based Harrison.

Renowned mixing engineer and studio owner Cristinel Sirli, says: "In the beginning I was looking for a medium-sized building location in order to extend my first film production suite at Le Grand Pavois in Paris to create an ideal environment for mixing and Foley production, when I stumbled upon a 1,000sqm space in the heart of the 15th arrondissement of Paris!”

Creative Sound is equipped with a 72-fader C300 HD Master Studio System, a 32-fader SSL C10 HD – the first digital console from Solid State Logic used for Foley and overdubbing recording. The studio also features the very first ultra-large-format Harrison MPC5 digital film-mixing console in the world. The MPC5 is the centerpiece of a new 480-cubic metre film mixing stage that also includes the new Dolby Atmos immersive audio technology.

Co-founder of Amadeus, Bernard Byk, concludes: "Our aim has always been to imagine, design and manufacture devices, equipment, speakers, and design studio spaces so that what listeners hear is perceptually indistinguishable from the original sounds. We love to give listeners the deep emotional impact of what music and sound can really create."



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