Alchemy Mastering upgrades with NTP's AX24

Supplied by NTP Technology's UK distributor eMerging, Alchemy mastering engineer Matt Colton ordered four as part of a major upgrade to Alchemy Mastering's headquarters at Shepherd's Bush.
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London-based Alchemy Mastering has installed four NTP Technology DAD AX24 A-D/D-A audio converters as part of a major upgrade to its headquarters at Shepherd's Bush. "We have tested pretty much everything in terms of mastering grade digital/analogue/digital converters over the past five years," said Alchemy mastering engineer Matt Colton (pictured). "The quality of the AX24 is stunning. As soon as I heard them, I ordered four. They are hugely enjoyable to listen to and not overly flattering. They sound sweet and musical but I know that what I am hearing isn’t hyped; I am just getting exactly what is on the tape. This means that I can trust the mastering and postproduction decisions I am making are as informed as possible. It’s my favourite D/A I have heard to date. The AX24 digital audio converters were supplied by NTP Technology's UK distributor, eMerging. "They are being used primarily to perform digital to analogue conversion from our various workstations,” Colton continued. “Two are used for monitoring. Another in the signal path. Most of my source material is digital but I frequently like to bring it into the analogue domain so that I can use analogue equalisation and compression, and then recapture back into digits and monitor the result. The DAD AX24 converters are doing all of that."



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