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AES 134 to centre on surround audio

Spatial sound takes centre stage at the 134th AES Convention, which begins tomorrow in Rome, with a formal Track as well as the ImmersAV Jazz Concert, which will be recorded and made available for members in surround audio.

 The 134th AES Convention begins tomorrow, 4 May, at Rome’s Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre. After PSNEurope’s May edition went to press, complete with a full AES preview, even more Convention highlights were being announced. The first of which is the Convention’s Spatial Sound Track, described by the AES as “one of the most comprehensive overviews on this increasingly important and highly topical field”. “Reviewing the many authoritative papers and workshops submitted for the 134th AES Convention, the committee recognized a prevalence of 3D sound-related proposals,” said AES executive director Bob Moses. “It became apparent that we had enough perceptive, well-researched events to establish a formal Spatial Sound Track. By assembling nearly two dozen-papers and four timely workshops into a dedicated block, we can direct 3D sound-focused attendees to a comprehensive overview on this topical field.” Spatial Sound Track will include paper sessions on perception, recording and production, binaural audio, 3D microphone and loudspeaker systems Ambisonics and wave field synthesis. Workshops will include the following: Applications of 3D Audio in Automotive, Properties of Auro 3D Room Signals, Bernstein and Beethoven in 3D and 3D Audio: Produce the New Dimension? On a related note, on Monday 6 May, the AES will host the ImmersAV Jazz Concert featuring The Greg Burk Trio, performed at the Saint Louis College of Music. Robert Schulein, president and owner of RBS Consultants, an international acoustical consulting firm will be making a combined binaural and HD video recording for downloading from the AES web site following the Convention. The audio/video recordings will be formatted for both headphone and loudspeaker listening (via cross talk cancellation), for subsequent viewing by AES members. This will allow attendees an opportunity to attend the event live and to recreate the experience later by means of a surround audio with video recording process compatible with today’s consumer viewer/listening technology.