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4DSOUND: Circadian to bring 24-hour spatial sound, sonic meditation to The Hague

The exhibition will première at the TodaysArt 2015 festival for contemporary art and music

4DSOUND, a Dutch cultural collective dedicated to exploring spatial sound as a medium, will next month unveil ‘4DSOUND: Circadian’, a 24-hour programme of interactive performances which investigates “how spatial listening influences conscious states throughout the day and night”.

Including immersive sound performances by Lisa Park, Marco Donnarumma, Kazuya Nagaya and Oscar Mulero and ‘AV meditation project’ Noqturnl by John Connell and Florence To (pictured), 4DSOUND: Circadian will explore “how to physically connect the listener with the surrounding space through movement, bio-physical media and psycho-acoustic stimulation” through sound and movement workshops, immersive sonic meditation, participative spatial performances and an “overnight collective dreamstate”.

The exhibition will première at the TodaysArt 2015 festival for contemporary art and music at the Electriciteitsfabriek in The Hague on 24–27 September.

4DSOUND researches and demonstrates how it believes spatial sound is becoming “intertwined with a broader cultural movement that propagates self-awareness, social cohesion and sustainability” and leads to “an ‘ecology of listening: influencing the quality of the listening environment to enhance our mental and physical state”. The collective provides a fully omnidirectional sound environment with a “virtually unlimited spatial continuum” where sound can move “infinitely distant or intimately close to the listener: it moves around, as well as above, beneath, in between or right through them”.

To find out more about 4DSOUND or the Circadian – including details of the performances, installations and exhibitions on show – visit