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Yamaha StageMix 4.0

iPad mixer control app

What is it? A major upgrade to the StageMix iPad app for Yamaha CL, M7CL, and LS9 digital consoles. Details Said to raise the bar for iPad control of digital mixers, new StageMix 4.0 features include dynamics parameter editing, output port delay editing, output port levels (gain/attenuation), PEQ copy/paste, phantom power switching, mix send pre/post switching, HPF slope parameter (CL V1.5 only), retina display support and other enhancements. According to Yamaha Commercial Audio, StageMix 4.0 provides greater control and flexibility for both digital mixing consoles and enables mixing engineers to freely adjust console parameters and sound levels by wireless control, rather than at the mix position. The app also provides features such as mute group masters; channel naming; channel pan; send levels in meter bridge; tap tempo; selectable I/O meter positions plus DCA faders (CL and M7CL only). And another thing… Yamaha StageMix 4.0 is available as a free upgrade from the Apple iTunes Store.