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Yamaha Pro Audio XMV Series

8-channel amps

What is it? A range of four 8-channel versions of Yamaha’s XMV Series power amplifiers to accommodate the demands of a wider range of commercial environments and applications. Details The new 8-channel power amps offer the same Class-D efficiency and enhanced functionality as the four existing 4-channel models designed for installed sound systems. The XMV8280 and XMV8140 are equipped with Yamaha’s recently-developed YDIF digital audio format connectivity allowing for fast and easy setup with Ethernet cables. The XMV8280-D and XMV8140-D utilise Audinate’s Dante digital audio network for larger venues where long-distance cabling is required. All XMV power amplifiers can operate in both high-impedance (70V/100V line) or low-impedance (4-ohm/8-ohm) modes simultaneously, eliminating the need for separate, dedicated amps or an external transformer. Yamaha’s newly-developed Double Power Mode design effectively doubles the output of selected channels in order to drive speakers of varying output power via a dip switch on the rear panel. In addition, the updated version of MTX Editor will provide users with more detailed control of the XMV’s parameters via an “easy-to-use” interface. By adopting a simple step-by-step process via the software, users are able to easily configure sound systems and adjust parameters of the MTX processors, EXi8 and EXo8 expanders, DCP Series digital control panels – and XMV power amplifiers. And another thing… All XMV amplifiers are cooled via a 3-speed fan and incorporate a full complement of load, amplifier and power supply protection features.