Yamaha delivers premier audio for Manchester United celebration

A Yamaha CL5 helped convey audio to over 12,000 people packed into Manchester’s Albert Square and the thousands more that lined the streets in celebration of Premier League winners Manchester United.
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A Yamaha CL5 helped deliver audio to over 12,000 people packed into Manchester’s Albert Square for a city centre reception of Premier League winners Manchester United. The team travelled from the football club’s Old Trafford stadium in an open-topped bus as local indie rock band The Courteneers entertained the Albert Square crowd with a set that included Not Nineteen Forever – a song adopted by many supporters to celebrate the team’s record 20th league winning season. Audio infrastructure for the Albert Square stage was provided by Manchester-based live events specialist tube UK. “One of the huge advantages of the CL5 is that it is very straightforward to set up quickly. It is very easy to program, even for a really last-minute job. Whatever the timescale, we can arrive on site with a very highly-prepared desk. That makes the work on site a lot less problematic,” said tube UK managing director Melvyn Coote. “The whole event was broadcast live on the BBC News Channel, so we were transmitting to the world. We needed a lot of level from the microphones to cover 12,000 noisy football fans in an 80x60m area, maintaining the intelligibility so that it sounded great for both them and the broadcast microphones. The CL5 was a definite aid to that, it’s a really good-sounding desk.” www.yamahacommercialaudio.com



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