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Yamaha brings Anne Frank’s story to the stage

A DM2000VCM mixing console, supplied by Focus Amsterdam, is at the centre of the 8.1 audio system soundtracking Anne.

A Yamaha DM2000VCM mixing console is at the heart of the 8.1 surround sound audio system featured in Anne, a new stage adaptation of the story of diarist and Holocaust victim Anne Frank.

Commissioned by the Basel-based Anne Frank Foundation, Anne is the first production at the brand-new, purpose-built Theater Amsterdam, and relays the story of the Jewish Frank family’s hiding in Amsterdam during the German occupation of the Netherlands in the Second World War.

Sound design is by Jeroen ten Brinke, who says the show continues an emerging tradition in the Benelux countries of theatre productions on a huge scale. (Similar to 14–18 and Soldaat van Oranje, Anne features large, sophisticated moving parts – although it’s the sets that move, rather than the audience.)

“I chose the DM2000 because it can run at 96kHz, I know it very well and it has cast-iron reliability,” explains ten Brinke (pictured, right). “The intention is for the show to run for many years.” Running at 96kHz, ten Brinke’s DM2000VCM, fitted with six MY16-AE AES/EBU i/o cards, submixes 24 actor radio mics, plus feeds from four computers running Steinberg software, for both front of house and monitor sound.

He continues: “It also provides us with redundancy for the main mixing console. This was really useful in pre-production, because time was very short and we could mix the production rehearsals on the DM2000, while simultaneously programming the main console. This was very beneficial to the show’s ability to open on time.”

The audio system was supplied by Focus Amsterdam, a sister company of leading Dutch rental house Rent-All. Two computers are running Steinberg Nuendo 6 for the 8.1 mix of Paul M. van Brugge’s pre-recorded orchestral score, while two more are running Cubase 7.5 for sound effects and live reverbs.

Anne opened at at the Theater Amsterdam on 8 May with a première attended by Dutch king Willem-Alexander.