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Waves Genesis

Live sound plug-ins

What is it? A collection of four plugins for live sound applications in venues of all sizes. Details The Genesis bundle comprises the C4 Multiband Compressor for dynamic equalisation and tone-shaping, the Renaissance DeEsser to control sibilant sounds, the Renaissance Reverb for space and atmosphere and the H-Delay to create depth and movement. The C4 Multiband Compressor is described as the ultimate multiband dynamics processor with four bands of up/down expansion, limiting and compression, ARC (Auto Release Control) plus dynamic and standard EQ. The renaissance De-Esser includes a selection of presets for both male and female voices, Adaptive Threshold and Adjustable Gain Reduction functions, phase-compensated crossover plus audio or side-chain monitoring. Through its intuitive interface, H-Delay (hybrid delay) provides PCM42-style effects with up to 3500ms delay time, variable pitch delay time control, analogue character and LoFi modes, LFO-controlled pitch modulation, tap pad delay time setting plus sync-to-host or manual BPM control. The Renaissance Reverb features an advanced early reflection system plus dual-band EQ and damping controls and offers 12 reverb types, de-correlation for subtle early reflection changes and fine tuning, negative predelay settings (-160ms to +160ms), together with mono, mono-to-stereo and stereo components. And another thing… All four Genesis plugins are MultiRack Native, Venue D-Show and SoundGrid compatible and form the basis of an
‘expandable, forward-thinking performance system”.