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SoundGrid DSP server
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SoundGrid DSP server

What is it? The latest iteration of Waves' SoundGrid protocol for live applications, said to be the most powerful SoundGrid DSP Server yet.
Details SoundGrid Extreme is capable of running over 500 instances of Waves stereo SSL E-Channel or C4 Multiband Compressor plug-ins, with latency as low as 0.8 milliseconds. Housed in a "rugged, road-ready" 2U chassis, the Extreme DSP server features an Intel i7 Extreme microprocessor capable of delivering over 40% more power than the SoundGrid Server One. The ability to run large numbers of Waves' audio processors is achieved using standard PCs via Ethernet - surpassing the specs of dedicated DSP-based platforms. Super-low latency performance allows users to take advantage of greater numbers of audio and CPU-intensive processors than ever before; according to Waves: "leveraging the recent advances in both Ethernet and CPU technologies to provide better, more cost-effective performance for the pro audio and live sound markets". And another thing... Waves currently lists over 100 SoundGrid-compatible plug-ins in its catalogue together with some 26 SoundGrid plug-in bundles for Yamaha DiGiCo and Allen & Heath consoles. 



Waves announces SoundGrid card for Yamaha digital consoles

US: The subject of a lead story in February's PSNE, SoundGrid has relevance to a wide variety of live sound applications, reports David Davies. As also revealed in the aforementioned issue of Pro Sound News Europe, Waves and DiGiCo have agreed to work together to integrate Waves' new networking and processing platform into the console manufacturer's single FPGA Stealth Digital Processing products for the live sound industry.


NAMM 2013: Waves and DiGiCo partner for DiGiGrid

DiGiGrid is a collection of hardware and software processing solutions which enables users of Native DAWs, Pro Tools and MADI-enabled live and broadcast mixing consoles to have access to Waves SoundGrid audio networking and real-time processing.


Live console functionality added to Waves V9

Waves Audio has added live console functionality to Version 9 (V9) of its range of audio plugins. V9 can now be used in live sound situations with Yamaha, Allen & Heath, DiGiCo, Venue and MultiRack Native consoles and platforms.