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VIDEO: Avid goes behind the scenes with Anastacia

A new two-part video series follows FOH engineer and VENUE S3L-X user Gerard Albo as he mixes the Resurrection European tour

‘Sprock’ princess Anastacia has been on the road with the Avid VENUE S3L-X at front of house, manned by FOH engineer and long-time Avid VENUE user Gerard Albo. Anastacia’s unique mix of styles, with full backing band, was showcased on her 2015 Resurrection European tour and adds to Albo’s expert portfolio of strong female artists – including Amy Winehouse, Patti Smith, Corinne Bailey-Rae and others.

“The main challenge of mixing Anastacia is to conserve the dynamics of the band and to contain her powerful voice,” explains Albo (pictured). “The S3L-X does such a great job on that; the dynamic range and the sound are superb.”

When discussing the advantages of using the S3L-X for production of this particular tour, Albo emphasises the inverse ratio of size to suitability. “Its compactness means there’s no longer the need to take a huge desk out on the road to achieve a great mix and the perfect sound,” he says. “An easy and simple set up allows me to translate the band in the most natural sound possible. Virtual soundcheck is also a great benefit, letting you get into the finer details of the show and make the soundcheck process quick for the artist. The advantages of the S3L-X really are countless.”

A two-part video series follows Albo as he mixes the tour, explaining the challenges of mixing such a dynamic band, revealing which VENUE plug-ins he uses, demonstrating how he tames Anastacia’s powerful voice with compression/EQ and more. Watch part one below, then register for part two at