US tour co steps up Powersoft K8 stocks

Special Event Services has started changing over its Powersoft K8 amplifiers to K10 models via Powersoft’s Model Step-Up card system.
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Special Event Services has started changing over its Powersoft K8 amplifiers to K10 models via Powersoft’s Model Step-Up card system. As part of Powersoft’s green-design philosophy whereby all K6, K8 and K10 models share the hardware platform, the Model Step-Up cards allow companies like Special Event Services to unlock extra power capabilities on demand without the need to purchase new units.

 The step-up system allows users to accommodate new requirements without the need to sell existing inventory and re-tool racks with entirely new amplifiers.

“We are very excited about the step-up capabilities of Powersoft amplifiers,” said Jason Farah, co-owner of Special Event Services. “We own 64 K8 Powersoft amplifiers that were powering dual 18-inch sub woofer cabinets. We recently made the decision to upgrade some of our systems to Outline Lab 21 subwoofers, but felt those cabinets needed the greater output power of a Powersoft K10. Powersoft’s unique design lets me purchase a Model Step-Up card that is essentially equivalent to the price difference between the different models. As I receive each Lab 21 shipment, I will upgrade my power amplifiers to match. The Model Step-Up cards help preserve my investment in the Powersoft K8s, while allowing me to keep all my existing racks and associated wiring.”

As a result of the change, Farah is now able to “get a better sound moving fewer cabinets and amplifiers, and that is a benefit for both transport and set up. Powersoft is also very efficient so it draws less current and the amps run significantly cooler than traditional amplifiers. All this and I don’t lose my original investment in the K8 amplifiers. We see the big touring and live event companies moving into Powersoft and we feel that Powersoft is the wave of the future.”



PL+S: APG-Powersoft partnership announced

French loudspeaker manufacturer APG has announced a strategic partnership with Italian amplifier maker Powersoft, which has culminated in the launch of a range of APG-branded amplifiers at Prolight + Sound 2013.

Powersoft M Series now shipping

The Italy-based manufacturer has announced that the five-model M Series amplifier range – comprising two 4-channel and three 2-channel versions – is now shipping to distributors.

New US HQ for Powersoft

US/ITALY: Powersoft's US operation has moved to a new HQ in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, reports PSN-e. Now known as Powersoft Advanced Technologies LLC, the company has shifted base as part of a company expansion that sees it entering into a landlord-tenant agreement with B&C Speakers, which also has its roots in Florence, Italy. According to Powersoft, the new arrangement will "alleviate language issues and create a culture that will both smooth the transition for Powersoft and optimise its effectiveness in the North American market".