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Three DiGiCo SD9s for Hungarian theatre

Tatabánya is one of the towns benefitting from the Hungarian government's initiative to bring its regional theatres up to date as the local theatre took delivery of three new DiGiCo SD9 consoles supplied by Budapest-based Chromasound.

For the past two years, the Hungarian government has been funding a special project to bring regional theatres up to date and into greater community use. The town of Tatabánya has been one beneficiary, taking delivery of three DiGiCo SD9 consoles – two for the venue and a third as part of a mobile audio system, supplied by Budapest-based Chromasound. “This is a one off project and, as there will be no chance within the next ten years to get further investment, the very best of today’s technology was needed,” said Chromasound’s Imre Makkay. “DiGiCo continuously upgrades its consoles with many new features, which is the kind of future-proofing that was essential to Tatabánya. The theatre mainly hosts plays, with the audio system predominantly used for speech. But musical events are also staged, ranging from jazz trios, through world music to rock, for all of which the consoles needed to be versatile enough to handle equally well. “The theatre directors and technicians are all really happy with the consoles. Having three of the same type has made things easier, so it doesn’t matter if they are working in the theatre or on the mobile system,” added Makkay. “For a company like Chromasound it is pretty rare that we have the opportunity to supply three high class digital consoles like the DiGiCo SD9, so it is an achievement we are very proud of!”