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Telefunken M80-SH and M81-SH

Ultra-compact dynamic mics

What is it? A pair of compact dynamic mics for both stage and studio applications. Details The compact Shorty M80-SH offers the bright, open sound of the standard M80, while the low-profile Shorty M81-SH emulates the darker, richer tones of the M81. Both models are available in standard and wireless capsule formats and will be offered in these alternative, lower profile versions with built-in mic clips. The M80-SH is designed for use in snare drum and vocal applications where a lower-profile microphone with a right-angle XLR connector is preferable. The design offers a tight cardioid polar pattern, a wide frequency response and higher SPL capabilities said to provide a better alternative to the midrange-heavy character of most dynamic microphones. The M81-SH was designed as a mic that would not only complement the M80-SH, but would also stand out against other dynamic models. It retains the same minimal proximity effect of the M80, superior feedback rejection and an “articulate” mid-range. However, with the M81-SH, the top end is slightly limited, yielding a flatter overall frequency response. According to Telefunken, this combination results in a microphone with body and clarity and a useful tool for taming brighter vocals and guitar tones or fattening up toms, percussion, horns and thinner-sounding sources. And another thing… Both models are supplied with a leather microphone bag and 5m SGMC-5R XLR cable with right-angle female XLR, while the M80-SH is also offered with either chrome or black head grills.