Telefunken M80-SH and M81-SH

Ultra-compact dynamic mics
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What is it? A pair of compact dynamic mics for both stage and studio applications. Details The compact Shorty M80-SH offers the bright, open sound of the standard M80, while the low-profile Shorty M81-SH emulates the darker, richer tones of the M81. Both models are available in standard and wireless capsule formats and will be offered in these alternative, lower profile versions with built-in mic clips. The M80-SH is designed for use in snare drum and vocal applications where a lower-profile microphone with a right-angle XLR connector is preferable. The design offers a tight cardioid polar pattern, a wide frequency response and higher SPL capabilities said to provide a better alternative to the midrange-heavy character of most dynamic microphones. The M81-SH was designed as a mic that would not only complement the M80-SH, but would also stand out against other dynamic models. It retains the same minimal proximity effect of the M80, superior feedback rejection and an "articulate" mid-range. However, with the M81-SH, the top end is slightly limited, yielding a flatter overall frequency response. According to Telefunken, this combination results in a microphone with body and clarity and a useful tool for taming brighter vocals and guitar tones or fattening up toms, percussion, horns and thinner-sounding sources. And another thing... Both models are supplied with a leather microphone bag and 5m SGMC-5R XLR cable with right-angle female XLR, while the M80-SH is also offered with either chrome or black head grills.



Telefunken prepares for colourful AES

Inspired by The Mars Volta, who painted their M80 solid white, Telefunken Elektroakustik will introduce the new Solid Color finishes for their M80 dynamic microphone at AES 133 in San Francisco.