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Tascam TH-2000

Closed cup headphones

What is it? A pair of professional headphones developed out of the TH-02 model Details According to Tascam, the TH-2000 headphones combine powerful bass response, brilliant mids said to “round out” the mix and impressive high frequency response for a strong presence and enhanced clarity. The closed-back circumaural ear cuffs design remain comfortable over hours of continuous use, supported by an ‘industrial-strength’ flexible headband which allows folding for compact, easy transport. The 53mm diameter drivers deliver a maximum power of 1800mW at a sensitivity of 101dB (+/-3dB). Frequency response is quoted as 18Hz – 22kHz and the phones present a 60 ohm load impedance. And another thing… The TH-2000s are fitted with a 1.5m coiled cable extending to 4m when fully extended, and supplied with a black leatherette bag for transport and added protection and transport when not in use.